Program Offerings

It is estimated that there are around 467 million speakers of Arabic around the world, which makes it the fifth most spoken language worldwide. In Arabic language one can differentiate between different dialects as well as the modern standard Arabic, called “Fusha”. While Fusha is mainly used in written contexts and for official use, the spoken dialects are called “amia”. Misbah center provides online and in-persons lessons in fusha and in amia. For our amia lessons we use the “growing participation approach” (GPA), which divides language learning into six phases and will help you grow in the depth and capacity of speaking a new language.
Modern Standard Arabic | in-person

Modern Standard refers to the standard literary and communicative language of the Middle East and North Africa, recognized as one of the UN’s six official languages. It is the common medium for nearly all formal communication, both printed and spoken.

Online and Distance Programs & Courses

Besides our regular classroom lessons, we offer Skype lessons to students of all levels. Our teachers use all the same methods and visual aids that they use in the classroom, but students are also welcome bring their own study material and curriculum. Our Skype program is ideal for students living outside of Jordan or who would like to begin their journey in spoken Arabic before coming to the region.

GPA | in-person

We apply the GPA method, which immediately immerses students and allows them to rapidly develop functional conversation skills and a vocabulary of hundreds of words as they interact with real-world objects. Later phases shift towards more abstract elements and complex communication through pictures, drawings and stories.