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What is Misbah?
Misbah is a personal tutoring service offering  Arabic tuition with approved tutors. Whether you’re learning Arabic for your career, self-development or to travel, Misbah is an enjoyable way to develop the language skills you need.
Our highly qualified tutors will develop a plan with you focused on achieving your goals, and as mentors they will find a pace and approach that works for you. Sessions are conversational and designed to get you speaking confidently to improve your Arabic language proficiency.
Personalized, flexible learning
Our  sessions are completely tailored to your needs; like a topic or skill that helps you to improve. If you’re not sure, you can get expert recommendations from your tutor.


Unlimited passion

you’re learning Arabic for your career, self-development or to travel, Misbah is an enjoyable way to develop the language skills you need. a

Phase 1 - Here and Now 70h

Relearn the physical world around you as though through the eyes of a child. Your instructor will help you collect the most necessary vocabulary through an interactive approach of seeing and doing, using toys, actions and pictures. You will learn to understand around 1200 words and several grammar structures. Students slowly learn to speak in the sessions and develop an understanding of complex speech in the present tense, alongside various standard expressions.

Phase2:Story building 150h

Further enhance your ability to talk and understand, learning to construct simple stories using pictures. The focus continues to be on the here and now, and another 1200 words are added to your vocabulary.

Phase 3:Shared stories 250h

Begin to experience the world through an interactive introduction to local situations. We start to listen to classic stories like Little Red Riding Hood, as well as local stories like Juha. Students and their instructors also engage in ‘shared experiences,’ where students are introduced to daily life in Jordan through outside excursions, such as a trip to the supermarket. Students are also shown wordless cartoons and discuss them with their instructors.

Phase 4:Deep life sharing 500h

Encounter deep events in the lives of your instructors. Students develop their conversational ability alongside an enhanced capacity to narrate with higher levels of articulation. Students and instructors engage in life interviews and conversations discussing local social situations, sharing views and experiences and forming a deeper level of friendship.

Phase 5:Native-to-native discourse 500h

Develop your ability to understand local speech, listening to native-to-native conversation and learning about such content with your instructor. You will learn to converse in Arabic on a local level, listening to radio and Arabic dialogue to help you sound more like a native speaker.

Phase 6:Self-sustaining growth in community Ongoing

You now understand most of what you hear around you. Continue to build your vocabulary and develop your language as you immerse yourself in the local community and engage with the people around you.

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